Cell: The Genesis (VR)

'Cell: The Genesis',  The first in a series of educational games.  This is a VR escape-room style game in which the player needs to enter the lab of the famous Prof. Flipenblend to discover what he was working on and why he has mysteriously disappeared.  The game was created by two  scientists and was funded by The Physiological Society.  It is a short game and should only take an experienced VR user around 20minutes to  complete.  It is designed to attract school age students (14-17yrs) to cellular physiology and help them to remember the key elements of the glycolysis pathway in a fun and engaging way.  However, players of any age should enjoy the experience.   In this first outing for the developers, they decided to go for a short game but one that looked and sounded good.  Also one that could be incorporated into a 50 minute teaching session.  The game runs on VIVE HMDs.  It also seems to work ok in WMR (Samsung Odyssey).  Not yet tested on Oculus kit.


cell-the-genesis_v07.zip 718 MB
Jan 17, 2022

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